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Course Information

What Will You Learn?
As a Beginner you will start fencing with the Foil (one of three weapons used in modern Olympic fencing). The course covers topics such as:
# How to be safe whilst fencing.
# Foot Work
# How to Attack
# How to defend
# Blade technique
# Hand / eye and foot co-ordination

You will also gain a basic understanding of the rules that govern Fencing. In addition you can also expect to improve your reaction times, your mental and physical stamina. Fencing is an excuse to stab your friends!

All three weapons are taught using the recommended England Fencing Syllabus and optional Grading exams can be taken to demonstrate your achievements. There is a small charge for these exams to cover costs.

If you enjoy your beginner’s course and wish to continue to fence, you will be required to have your own England Fencing Insurance.

The advanced fencer will have the opportunity to Fence on our Electric equipment all boxes up to new timings, learn Epee or Sabre, or enhance their own knowledge at their own pace of learning. Please note that Breeches and an 800 Newton plastron must be worn for fencing on the electric apparatus.

Foiled Again have 5 coaches so everyone has the opportunity of one to one coaching. It is the clubs aim to organise friendly matches between other local clubs as good way for both the beginner and the advanced fencers to improve their skills.

People participating in Pentathlon are very welcome please specify upon enquiry.

All fencers can, if they wish participate in local competitions, though it is required that all individual have their own England Fencing Insurance.